Best Asian Food

Are you tired of Asian food that is predictable, either too bland or too spicy, and not authentic? Are you ready for a new taste experience? At Dolsot House we offer fresh, wholesome, healthy food that is both healthy and exciting. It is served family style, with side dishes (“banchan”), so everyone can have his or her own combination of textures and flavors. We want you to have a unique, healthy, satisfying cultural dining experience.

Are you a vegetarian, frustrated by most restaurant menus? We have many choices for you. We also welcome seafood-only-vegetarians, vegans, and persons on a low carb diet.

vegitable dishes

Catering Dishes

We are owners-operators proud of our tradition but modern in our approach. We’ll be there to meet you in person. We’ll know your name and your preferences, if you are a repeat customer. You’ll find our food not too foreign, yet far from ordinary and quite affordable. We are rapidly building a fan base of loyal customers. We want you to join them.

Our dream was to open a totally different kind of Korean restaurant. One that serves authentic, fresh, exciting traditional Korean food, the kind we grew up with. One that offered great service and a even better food. Did we succeed? Come and decide for yourself.

Best of 2014 - South Jersey Magazine

Best Wings

"There's a lot of fine chicken wings to be had in South Jersey and we've sampled the vast majority. So every now and then we branch out in search of something a little off the beaten path. Enter the Dolsot House, a strip mall Korean eatery that produces delectable wings (soy garlic, honey sesame, spicy and the daring Diablo) that are perfectly crisp on the outside and incredibly tender and moist inside."

Best of 2014 - South Jersey Magazine

Best Hoagies

"Those in the know call it a koagie – it’s a delicious fusion of the traditional hoagie with authentic Korean-style cuisine. Mounds of beef, chicken (barbecue or spicy) or spicy pork are loaded into a sesame-seed roll, then brushed with Korean sesame dressing and stuffed with juicy cabbage slaw or kimchi. This is one sandwich that will leave you thinking outside the bun. "